Ci-Cube Configurator

With this configurator you can plan your Ci-Cube individually. Before you get started, clarify the question of how big the 3D printer really has to be, most of the print templates can be easily printed on a print area of 200x200, the same also applies to the print height. In addition, there is also the power consumption and the space requirement of the 3D printer. After you have clarified these questions for yourself, you can enter your desired configuration here. You will then receive a list of the required components.

Build chamber


Please enter the desired size of the print bed (10 mm per side are automatically added for the attachment)

X-Axis: mm

Y-Axis: mm

Please enter the desired Print height here (this can vary somewhat depending on the cast aluminum plate, permanent Print plate)

Z-Axis: mm

Please select the type of Z-axis guide rails

This configurator was created and tested to the best of our knowledge, but errors cannot be excluded! Therefore use is at your own risk! No liability is accepted for damage of any kind.