What is Duet-Motion about:

What is Duet-Motion about? Duet-Motion is a program for the RaspberryPI that makes it possible to easily create time-lapse videos. As you can guess from the program name, this software runs with the control electronics from Duet (https://www.duet3d.com) from firmware RRF3.x (tested with RRF3.2.2). When programming Duet-Motion, care was taken to ensure that also non Linux "freaks" can use this program. That means, the complete configuration is done in the browser, so you don't have to deal with any cryptic command lines. After Duet-Motion has been configured, the program waits for a print to be started, as soon as this is the case, pictures are taken fully automatically until the print is finished (Duet-Motion recognizes this as well). After all images have been collected, Duet-Motion will generate a video, which can then also be downloaded via the web interface. When it comes to updates care was taken to ensure that these can be easily installed this can be initiated via the web interface and is fully automatic again.
Raspberry PI für Duet-Motion

The requirements for Duet-Motion:

You need a RaspberryPI (the PI3 & PI4 have been tested so far), an SD card (or another storage medium such as a USB SSD stick) with enough storage space, a USB webcam and of course an SD card reader.                                                                                             
Duet-Motion startpage

Duet-Motion can do that:

  • Automatic recording of images as soon as a 3D print is started.
  • Automatic generation of the time-lapse video as soon as the printer is ready.
  • Image recording when changing layer or
  • Image recording at layer change and every x seconds (freely adjustable) or
  • Image acquisition every x seconds (layer change is ignored here).
  • Temporary deactivation of image acquisition.
  • The finished time-lapse videos can downloaded or deleted via the web frontend.
  • Duet-Motion updates can be easily installed via the web frontend.
  • The Raspberry PI can also be shut down via the front end.
  • Duet-Motion currently supports the languages: German and English.

Example Video: