Parts from the 3D printer

Parts from the 3D printer

Print parts.

For the Ci-Cube, a few more parts are required that have to be manufactured using a 3D printer. It is recommended that these parts are printed out of PET-G, PLA is not suitable for this purpose because PLA has a melting temperature that is too low, which would result in the parts being deformed. If the calibration of the printer with which you share the Ci-Cube is about to print, it was a bit off. I recommend that you check the calibration of the printer again before you start printing.
Get STL files

The print files STL

The required print data (STL) will be published on thingiverse shortly. The printed parts were placed in advance so that simple printing without support is possible.
The parameters for 3D printing of the Ci-Cube components

The printing parameters for the Ci-Cube components.

To achieve the best possible printing results, you should print the components for the Ci-Cube with the following print setting.
- layer height: 0.2 mm
- top and bottom layer: 6
- outer walls: 3
- infill: 45%